Dec 30 2021

Pacharán, a Red Treasure from Middle Ages

Made from soaking sloe fruits, this liquor is not only popular in Navarre but in all of Spain as a digestif

In Spain, sobremesa is a given, and one drink that most Spaniards identify with this moment is Pacharán, or Patxaran (in Basque). It’s made from crushed and fermented sloes, the black-purple colored fruits from the blackthorn tree.

It’s made almost exclusively in the region of Navarre and it has PGI (protected geographical indication) status, which states that no colorings or flavorings can be added and that maceration must last between one and eight months. The result is a rich, aromatic drink with fruity and anisette notes, a real treat for those who love a relaxed talk after lunch with friends or family. This is a tradition that has been around for a very, very long time, as Pacharán has been produced and consumed in Navarre since the Middle Ages: a drinkable history lesson.