Jun 28 2021

What Does Madrid Taste Like?

The Madrid region has a powerful primary sector, is a producer of outstanding foods, and is home to a surprising wine designation of origin. Are you ready to check it out?

What does Madrid taste like? Photo: @ICEX

All the visitors who come to Madrid appreciate its incredible gastronomic offer, in restaurants, bars and markets alike. But few people know that the region is home to an extremely interesting agricultural and livestock production of the highest quality.

The fertile meadow along the Tagus River is well known for its excellent fruit and vegetables, the source of celebrated varieties such as tomatoes from Carabaña, strawberries from Aranjuez, and garlic from Chinchón.

Artisan cheese made with sheep's, goat's and cow's milk can be found in various parts of the Sierra de Guadarrama, home to cheese producers that make their products using sustainable and organic practices.

The Sierra de Guadarrama is home to anther delicious product: PGI Ternera de la Sierra de Guadarrama, a beef that has an unmistakable flavor and comes from the Avileña, Limousin, and Charolais breeds.

As for sweets, the Madrid region is known for a few gems, such as traditional wafers, torrijas (Spanish-style French toast), a range of rosquillas (similar to doughnuts) and violet candies.  

And lastly, wines. DO Vinos de Madrid comprises more than 8,000 hectares of vineyards, 51 wineries and 110 wine brands made with red varieties such as Garnacha Tinta and Tinto Fino and whites like Malvar and Albillo.

Text: Rodrigo García Fernández /@ICEX

Translation: Samara Kamenecka/@ICEX