Jun 29 2021

Picnic, Summer and Spanish Food: a Successful Combination

You can't imagine how simple and delicious it is to prepare a picnic or an outdoor party with friends featuring Spanish foods, with no need to cook!

Who wouldn't like to meet his or her friends for a picnic in the park, in someone's backyard, on the beach or in a meadow? If you also want to give your party a theme using the flavors of Spain as the backdrop, it's sure to be a success. Below are five ideas to help your friends discover the versatility of Spanish food and tapas:

1) Spanish cheese, an irreplaceable companion: A picnic with friends is the perfect time to tell them how the variety of Spanish cheeses is hard to beat: cow's, sheep's and goat's milk cheeses; soft and hard cheeses; blue cheeses; raw milk artisan cheeses; cheese with edible crusts... Spain's cheese map is immense, which will help them create a fantastic cheese board accompanied by apple slices, nuts, dried fruit, grapes and a selection of marmalades.

2) Canned vegetables: You can't have a picnic without olives, one of the Spanish foods with the greatest presence in international markets. Green, black, or stuffed with red pepper, cheese or anchovy, they're delicious and very nutritious, just like other canned vegetables from Spain that are ready to eat, like asparagus, artichokes and even peas. With a touch of extra virgin olive oil, your guests will want more and more...

Spanish Picnic for the Summer

3) Canned fish: Canned fish and seafood from Spain is considered by the experts to be true gourmet products. The selection of fish and seafood and their rigorous preparation are two of the secrets to their success. On your next picnic, don't forget to serve mussels in escabeche, cockles, sardines, baby cuttlefish in their own ink, or octopus, together with potato chips made in Spain and fried using extra virgin olive oil. These small nibbles are a true delight and you can use them to prepare fun DIY tapas.

4) Ham and charcuterie: Spain is one of the countries in the world with the greatest variety of cold meats and sausages. We suggest preparing a selection so that your guests can try everything they want—chorizo, salchichón, lomo, 100% Ibérico ham, white ham, morcón, sobrasada, butifarra sausages—accompanied by a good loaf of artisan bread or breadsticks.

5) Spanish wines for summer: you must bring wine on your picnic, and in Spain we make wines that pair perfectly with a meal outdoors: fresh whites, aromatic rosés, bubbly cavas and sparkling wines, and also young red wines.

Spanish Picnic

Author: Rodrigo García / @ICEX

Summer Picnic in Spanish Style