Nov 24 2023

Yes, Chef!: How to Cook Fideuá with Mikel Alonso

The Spanish Chef, based in Mexico, explains us how to cook the perfect version of this Mediterranean classic

Chef Mikel Alonso (1971) blends his Basque culinary heritage with the influence of their land of adoption, Mexico, where he has spent most of his professional career, full of highlights as Biko, that become Mexico’s most prestigious restaurant worldwide. In the last years, he has created his own personal brand, Mikel Alonso Gastro, a concept with which he continues sharing his love for gastronomy. He is also the co-creator of the Culinary Institute by Southwest University (El Paso, Texas).

Alonso shares with us his love for fideuá, a dish that he considers not only the “greatest Spanish pasta recipe” but also a fantastic one "to share with friends”. Discover all the tips from the Chef and nail this seafood classic at home!