Nov 22 2021

Spain in Seattle, A Foodie Guide

Seattle’s seafood, vineyards and farm-to-table culture give it an edge in fine dining. Here’s the lowdown on the best Spanish food and wine hotspots in the city.

In the heart of the evergreen state, Seattle’s seafood, vineyards and year-round farm-to-table culture give it an edge in fine dining. And these elements are also a great launch pad for Spanish cuisine. Here’s the lowdown on the best food and wine hotspots in the rainy city.

Harvest Vine

The Harvest Vine

Very much in tune with its community and family-style service, the food focus at The Harvest Vine is about locally sourced ingredients, comfort cooking a la española and an abundance of wines and sherries - the latter to pair with owner Carolin Messier’s passionate dessert menu.

Must try: Sepia a la plancha with squid ink fideo noodles and alioli


Tapas Lab

Racking up rave reviews in Seattle about as fast as they are knocking out inspired tapas, the name gives it away at Tapas Lab; it’s an experimental fusion of Spanish and global cuisine. The emphasis is on market fresh produce and some elaborate pinchos, with sangría of course!

Must Try: Shrimp pincho and seared scallops

Ocho restaurant


This taberna española looks like a cozy Spanish bodega inside, while its outdoor terrace has a feel-good vibe to hang out with friends or on date night, weather permitting. Dishing out mostly tapas, brunch, and loads of seafood, Ocho also features a wall-to-wall bar of Spanish wine, beer, cider, sherry and spirits, so your glass will never be half empty!

Must Try: Croquetas borrachas with romesco sauce



Serving Seattle with gourmet staples since last century, DeLaurenti is practically a household name for Seattleites. Self-titled as a “hub for delicious food” from around the world, the Iberian section of this Pike Street store is no less impressive. Select from its cheeses, canned fish, chocolate, chorizo, even spices so you can create your own Spanish feast at home. Listo!

Must Try: Queso de Murcia al vino and chorizo de bellota Fermín