Nov 05 2021

Olibaeza, Number 1 in EVOOLEUM Guide to the World’s Best Oils

Olibaeza Premium Picual, produced by a cooperative in Jaén, scored 97 points, allowing it to take the lead and rank in first place on this prestigious list

The 6th edition of the EVOOLEUM guide, highlighting the world’s top 100 extra virgin olive oils, is now available, featuring the winners of the prestigious EVOOLEUM Awards. As in previous years, Spanish oils did extremely well and took the lead. In total there were more than 800 candidates from around 20 countries.

Olibaeza Oil

In this year’s top ten alone there are four Spanish oils: Olibaeza Premium Picual, 97 points, from Jaén; Almaoliva Arbequino, 96 points, from Córdoba; Rincón de Subbética Altitude, 95 points, from Córdoba; and Maeva&Toro, 95 points, from Granada. Olibaeza was not only named the Absolute Best, it was also the Best Monovarietal, Best Green Fruity Oil, and the Best From Spain. Rincón de la Subbética also received additional distinctions such as Best Spanish PDO Oil and Top Organic Oil.
As for packaging, Spain took home four medals: a gold, two silver and a bronze in the Best Design EVOO Premium distinctions: Oleum XII, Loa 77, 399 Pago Los Bichos, and Nobleza del Sur Day and Night, respectively. In the Best Design in Retail category, Spain took home another gold, for La Riba, and a silver, for García de la Cruz Ecológica.

This annual guide, published by the editorial group Mercacei, aims to promote the extra virgin olive oil culture among foodies and consumers and includes information of interest such olive oil tourism routes around the world, avant-garde recipes from top chefs, the connection between EVOO and sports, and how the Mediterranean Diet can support our health.