Sep 24 2021

Jolca Launches a New Innovative Product: Vermouth Filled Olives

These olives are the first of their kind and the delicious explosion of flavors reflect the perfect pairing of the two products

Leave it to Spanish producers and chefs to put an innovative spin on one of Spain’s most traditional products: olives. The latest novelty from the company Jolca, Master Olive Makers, is an olive filled with vermouth. This launch also coincides with the company’s 60th anniversary.

This new creation, known as Explosión Vermut de Jerez, is the first of its kind and is made with pitted Manzanilla Fina olives from Spain filled with DO Jerez sweet vermouth. The result, as the name suggests, is an explosion of flavor in the mouth. Its unique flavor reflects the perfect combination that of olives and vermouth.

Olives Jolca with Vermouth

Drinking vermouth with olives has become a popular pastime in Spain, and consumption of drinks with wine, including vermouth, increased by 17% between May 2019 and May 2020, according to the Spanish Wine Market Observatory.
Jolca is also known for its other olive products, which are available stuffed with everything from Cantabrian anchovies to Piquillo peppers. They’re also available with a range of seasonings.

Olives stuffed with Vermouth