Oct 08 2021

José Andrés Partners with Goldbelly to Sell Unique Spanish Meal Kits

This project from the successful entrepreneur/chef will help raise the profile of Spanish food, allowing people to enjoy it however they like in their own homes

World-famous Spanish chef José Andrés is grabbing a piece of the meal delivery kit pie through a new partnership with the company Goldbelly. This exciting collab is making Spanish food widely available to the masses, and giving them the freedom to prepare delicious meals in the comfort of their own homes. The first is a paella kit for 3 people, which comes with seafood broth, Bomba rice, cuttlefish sofrito, saffron, alioli, Spanish red shrimp and, of course, a paella pan. Now people can prepare a José Andrés-style paella and invite the authentic flavors of Valencia and Alicante into their kitchens.

Goldbelly Jose Andres

Another kit is for the chef’s “secretly” perfect Ibérico pork steak dinner for 4. It contains secreto Ibérico steak, crystal bread, fresh tomato spread and alioli. This marbled, juice cut of meat is very hard to find so people will indubitably appreciate its uniqueness.
A third kit is for José Andrés tapas and contains chicken croquettes, crystal bread, Ibérico ham, Ibérico acorn-fed salchichón and chorizo, Manchego cheese, and tomato spread. This tasty snack platter will turn a dull evening into a lively Spanish fiesta with the superchef’s favorite nibbles. Other available kits include chicken, pork and duck foie canneloni; burnt Basque cheesecake; and Spanish ribeye steak.

Paella José Andrés