Aug 28 2022

Estrella Galicia Organizes Spanish Gastronomy Month in the UK and Ireland

The premium beer brand is organizing tapas tours, masterclasses, and chef-hosted dinners to highlight its beer and how well it pairs with Spanish dishes

Spanish food will be on everyone’s lips from September 1st to the 30th in the UK and Ireland thanks to a delicious initiative from Spain’s premium beer brand Estrella Galicia called Gastronomy Month. The brand is launching a month-long event that will bring the flavors of Spain—both food and drink—to over 50 restaurants, bars, and pubs. This is the second edition of this initiative.

This year’s event is expected to be bigger than last year’s, and consumers will be able to choose from a larger variety of experiences, suitable for all budgets. This includes everything from tapas tours and masterclasses to chef-hosted dinners to exclusive tasting menus. These ticketed events, of which there will be 17 in total, will be held in London, Cardiff, Manchester, Brighton, Newcastle, Dublin and Glasgow.Estrella Galicia will also offer its popular Beer & a Bite initiative, through which people can choose a specific venue to visit for one of its beers, paired with a special tapa. Customers will be able to see how well this beer pairs with a wide range of dishes, such as cheese, cured meat, fish, seafood, stew, and dessert.