Aug 19 2022

Traveler Magazine Highlights Spain’s Greatest Tapas Streets

The magazine recently published an extensive list of the best places to go for tapas in each of Spain’s regions

Spain and its famous tapas culture have made the pages of the prestigious magazine Traveler. The publication recently released a lengthy article about the very best tapas streets in Spain for travelers to add to their “tapas bucket lists,” just in time for summer travel. Foodies will be more than pleased to find out the best places to barhop when visiting Spain.

In Andalusia, the magazine recommends the Plaza de Abades in Córdoba, Calle Navas in Granada, Calle Granada in Málaga, and Calle Cerón in Jaén. In Asturias, tourists with a discerning palate should head to Calle Gascona and Plaza de Fontán in Oviedo. In the Basque Country, visitors should head to Calle Diputación in Bilbao, Calle 31 de Agosto in San Sebastian, and Calle Prado in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

When visiting the Canary Islands, great tapas can be found on Calle Mayor, Triana, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and in Cantabria, the magazine recommends Plaza del Cañadío, in Santander. If you’re heading to Castile-León, don’t miss Calle de San Segundo in Ávila or Plaza de Coca in Valladolid. Plaza Mayor in Zamora and Calle Sombrerería in Burgos are also excellent options . If you are in La Rioja, you should try Calle Laurel in Logroño.

People having tapas in calle Laurel small

In Catalonia, Traveler recommends Carrer Parlament in Barcelona, and in Castile-La Mancha, Calle Santo Tomé in Toledo is the place to be for the most delicious small dishes. In Extremadura, Plaza Alta and Plaza España in Badajoz and Calle Pizarro in Cáceres made the list. Tourists in Galicia won’t want to miss Praza do Campo in Lugo, Praza Igrexa in Vigo, or Rúa do Franco in Santiago de Compostela.

All in all it’s an extensive list that will not only help guide foodies visiting Spain but also help raise awareness about Spain’s delicious tapas culture.

People having tapas in calle Laurel