Aug 02 2022

Chef Xanty Elías in the Spotlight at the Alimentarte Forum in Colombia

The Spanish chef, who won the Basque Culinary Prize last year, talked about his initiative to teach school children about food and food culture

The 7th edition of the international gastronomic forum Alimentarte was recently held in Bogotá, Colombia.

A noteworthy representative from Spain was in attendance, chef Xanty Elías, who participated in the roundtable discussion entitled “The social impact of gastronomy.”

The idea behind this discussion was that social impact is very important for creating change, in both consumers and also in the industry’s production chain.

Elías received the prestigious Basque Culinary World Prize in 2021 for his project entitled “Los niños se comen el futuro,” which aims to incorporate gastronomic culture and healthy eating as a subject in primary schools.

Chef Xanty Elías

The chef is a firm believer in the importance of teaching school children about food as a way to improve overall health and conscious consumption, among other areas.

His project took shape after he realized that adults are too set in their ways and not open to changing their food and eating habits. However, children aged 6 to 10 are the perfect candidates for learning healthy habits, and applying them, ideally for life.

Other chefs from Spain that participated in the event included Lucía Freitas, Blanca del Noval, and Martina Puigvert.

Xanty Elías, at Alimentarte in Colombia