Feb 03 2022

Spanish Fishing Industry to Use Innovative Technique to Turn Recycled Plastic into Packaging

Companies’ commitment to the environment is driving new initiatives as converting plastic waste into packaging for its fish products

Spanish fishing companies are reinforcing its commitment to the environment with innovative proposals. One example is Nueva Pescanova’s innovative new packaging strategy. This company will use an advanced recycling technique to turn plastic waste collected along the coast and on beaches into packaging for its products. By reusing this plastic waste, the company is ensuring that these materials don't pollute the oceans and seas and essentially giving it a new lease on life.

The packaging will be composed primarily of plastic collected from riverbeds. The company has teamed up with Sabic, a leader in chemical manufacturing, to create this new plastic, which will be used for Nueva Pescanova's products starting in the second quarter of 2022. The company expects to recover around 10 tons of plastic waste before it reaches the sea, thanks to this project. Normally, this plastic breaks down into small pieces and can be devastating to both the marine environment and all of the animals that live there.

Nueva Pescanova Fishing

According to the company's CEO, "As a business that specializes in products from the sea, we have an enormous responsibility to take care of the seas and oceans, the ecosystems on which our business depends and which we must all work together to protect. We have set a goal that 100% of our packaging be recyclable by 2025," according to revistainforetail.com.

This new initiative is part of the company's sustainability program, called Pescanova Blue, which aims to promote the sustainable use of natural resources throughout the company's entire value chain.

Nueva Pescanova Fishing Techniques