Jan 06 2022

José Andrés and World Central Kitchen Supports La Palma

Not only did the chef and his NGO provide hot meals to people impacted by the volcano, they also offered direct support to producers with Correos Market

Wherever disaster strikes, Spanish superchef José Andrés and his team from World Central Kitchen (WCK) can be found, and La Palma, in the Canary Islands, was no different. As locals suffered the effects of Cumbre Vieja volcano eruption, Andrés and his team arrived immediately, in September, to serve hot meals to those impacted by the natural disaster. They served more than 1,400 dishes per day in 25 different points throughout the island.

La Palma products

Andrés and his NGO also partnered with Correos Market (Spanish National Postal Service) for an initiative called Mi Nombre es La Palma (My Name is La Palma) with a view to helping producers impacted by the eruption. They’re doing this by offering direct access to local producers so they can continue to sell their foods despite the fact that they can no longer work due to the effects of the volcano. Using the Correos Market platform, farmers can sell their products and send them for free anywhere in Spain. All of their products have a quality seal to guarantee their traceability.

WCK was originally founded in 2010, since which time it has served over 50 million meals to people impacted by natural disasters in the US, Venezuela, Haiti, Mexico, the Bahamas, Albania, and other countries.

José Andrés presents My name is La Palma