Jul 07 2022

3 Spaniards on 50 Next List of People Changing the Future of Gastronomy

The list of gamechangers are pioneers interested in challenging the status quo and changing the food landscape for the better

There’s no shortage of best restaurant lists and accolades for chefs and restaurants, but what about the hardworking people in the food supply chain doing great things? 50 Next is a fantastic list that seeks to recognize the new generation of gastronomic talent working behind the scenes and give them the recognition they deserve.
The 2022 list includes a lot of pioneers and innovators, three of them from Spain.

Eneko Axpe

One is a scientist from the Basque Country based in San Francisco at the company Impossible Foods. Eneko Axpe, who holds a PhD in physics, is in the Science Innovators category and is applying physics to gastronomy to do great things. He’s working to develop sustainable alternatives to meat, such as plant-based meat prototypes, and other products that have a negative environmental impact.

Pol Contreras

Pol Contreras is another Spaniard on the list, in the Gamechanging Producers category. He is an expert in chocolate and is essentially shaking up the industry by using creative solutions for production. He anticipates the creation of a more decolonized chocolate industry with more decentralized exporting.

Javier Rivero

Javier Rivero, from the Basque Country, made the list as well. He’s in the Hospitality Pioneers category and runs the restaurant Ama Taberna in Tolosa. This chef sources his ingredients from local farmers, never negotiates with them on prices, and buys what’s available. His goal is to teach diners about the importance of supporting local producers. He also promotes a healthy workplace among his team.

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