Jul 21 2022

Solid Olive Oil Based Fat Called Verdeo Showcases Spanish Innovation

This product, which has been several years in the making, has won multiple awards for innovation and healthy eating

Spain is known for its innovative companies, and this time Healthy Food Ibérica is in the spotlight. This agri-food firm is a pioneer in developing unsaturated fats for the food industry.

The company’s first project is called Verdeo, which is a unique olive oil based vegetable fat that remains stable and solid at room temperature. As a result, this homogenous technical fat is easy to incorporate into a wide range of recipes and seeks to meet new needs in the food industry.

The project and idea started to take shape back in 2015, but today Verdeo is a reality, and it received the Innovation Award at the World Olive Oil Exhibition 2020 and the AZTI Healthy Eating Award at the Food 4 Future Expo FoodTech 2021.

Verdeo, Solid Oilive Oil Fat products

Verdeo offers food industry professionals many advantages, as it allows them to reduce the saturated fat in their products by eliminating the need for butter and margarine, and providing an alternative to palm oil. Verdeo is also allergen-free, gluten-free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

It has many applications and multiple formats. It’s spreadable, it can be used in baked goods such as croissants, puff pastries, cakes, cookies, and brioche; it can be used in savory recipes, such as sauces; it’s suitable for frying; and it can be used in meat and non-meat proteins.

Verdeo, Solid Oilive Oil Fat