Mar 17 2022

Chef Miguel Maestre Prepares Giant Paella for People Affected by Australian Flooding

The chef prepared over 1,000 servings for emergency workers and people affected by the terrible storms

It turns out that José Andrés is not the only humanitarian chef from Spain. Chef Miguel Maestre, born in Murcia buy based in Sydney, recently rolled up his sleeves and got to work helping people affected by flooding in Australia, where he lives, owned a restaurant and now works on TV. Affectionately dubbed Operation Paella-tron, Maestre set out to cook the largest paella Australia had ever seen as an act of solidarity. He used 150 kilos of chicken, 150 kilos of chorizo, and equally large amounts of peas, garlic, peppers, and sofrito. Ultimately, he was able to prepare more than 1,000 servings for emergency workers and people affected by the natural disaster.

Paella prepared for flooding affected by Chef Miguel Maestre

Australia has been battered by the worst floods it has seen in about ten years, with 200,000 people recently being evacuated and 13 dying as a result of the heavy storms. As the chef said in, "You can do two things in life: sit on the couch watching the news or get up and do something for the people that are important to you. I decided that I couldn't just sit in my house and watch the news with everything that has been going on." Maestre also made a request for volunteers on social media and was overwhelmed by the massive response of locals who wanted to help him help other

Chef Miguel Maestre