Mar 01 2022

Guía Repsol 2022 Announces 97 Suns for Restaurants Across Spain

The highest distinction, three suns, went to two restaurants: Rincón de Juan Carlos, in Tenerife, and Iván Cerdeño, in Toledo

Guía Repsol 2022 -a Spanish tourist guide created in 1979 that proposes routes and itineraries by car, giving great importance to the gastronomy- has officially announced the soles, or suns, being awarded, at a special event at the Victoria Eugenia theater in San Sebastián which brought together more than 150 top chefs from across Spain. This included famous faces such as Elena Arzak, Paco Roncero, Dabiz Muñoz, Pepe Solla, and Martín Berasategui, among many, many others. The focus this year was on serving “conscious customers,” people who welcome nature into their food and appreciate autochthonous flavors. In total 97 suns were announced: 83 single suns, 12 double suns and 2 triple suns. With regard to the latter, the highest possible distinction, these suns went to Rincón de Juan Carlos, in Tenerife, and Iván Cerdeño restaurant, in Toledo.

2022 Guía Repsol 3 suns restaurants

The restaurants distinguished this year with one sun are as follows: Tohqa, Emma, Callizo, Kamezí Deli & Bistró, Epílogo, Damasqueros, Vidocq, Las Esparteras, Casa Pepe de la Judería, Gamberro, Casa Osmunda, Cañitas Maite, Retama, Collados de La Sagra, Etéreo by Pedro Nel, Cávala, La Cúpula, Embarcadero, Tabaiba, Fuentelgato, Marcela Brasa, and Ment, among many others. With two suns, the restaurants are Kaleja, Ikaro, Arrea!, Bodega Katxiña, Cancook, Pablo, Xavier Pellicer, La Biblioteca, Estimar, Tula, Raúl Resino, and Odiseo.
Additionally, four restaurants were recognized with a sustainable sun distinction: Coque (3 suns), Monastrell (2 suns), Raíces (1 sun), and Kofradia.

New Guía Repsol 3 suns restaurants