Mar 18 2022

Iconic Spanish Brand Osborne Celebrates 250th Anniversary

The company, which owns more than 30 brands and operates in more than70 countries, is a leading international ambassador for Spanish gastronomy

Osborne, one of Spain's most iconic companies, is celebrating a major milestone not many other companies get to enjoy: its 250th anniversary. Osborne owns a vast portfolio comprising more than 30 brands, among them Cinco Jotas, Bodegas Montecillo, Sanchez Romero Carvajal, Carlos I brandy, and Nordés gin, and it operates in over 70 countries. This includes six production plants in Spain and subsidiaries in China and Brazil. The company also recently completed several important acquisitions, such as Ginebra Gold, Whiskey Doble V, and Riofrío.

Osborne 250th Anniversary

Osborne is always looking to expand its footprint in the wine industry, and while it already operates in designations of origin like Jerez and RiojaRibera de Duero is on its radar as a DO to enter in the future. Osborne's strategic decisions during the pandemic bore fruit, and although it was affected by the global situation, in 2021 it exceeded its business expectations. This was mainly attributable to the positive performance of its international business, its leading position in the premium gin segment, and the consolidation of several of its strategic brands. Management expects this good performance to continue in 2022. This milestone positions Osborne as one of the 100 oldest family-run businesses in the world, not to mention one of the leading international ambassadors for Spanish gastronomy.

Osborne Anniversary