Nov 30 2022

Shareable Spanish Snacks

Invite your friends and family over this holiday season and offer some picapica a la española - that’s right, we mean Spanish snacks to share!

Patatas Bravas - While the traditional sliced and fried patatas bravas are undoubtedly irresistible, some chefs are innovating with new riffs on the Madrileño dish. For example, in the Hermanos Torres recipe, the potato is cooked, puréed and then shaped - like a finger - to be lightly crisped on all sides. Top with spicy bravas sauce and some aioli, for a comforting winter snack.

Aceitunas -  Olives are Spain’s specialty, and there are hundreds of varieties and ways you can enjoy olives. There’s marinated, stuffed with pepper or anchovies, with goat cheese, pickled with gherkins and onions, or just served straight up - as a delicious and umami treat.

shop owner preparing a sale of olives to a customer at his stall at the Latin Quarter farmer's market, Paris, France

Pan con tomate - Who knew making a Spanish snack could be so easy, and so tasty! Take a good quality slice of bread, slightly toasted, rub with half a garlic clove - a little goes a long way - then rub half an overripe tomato over the surface. Drizzle with Extra Virgin olive oil and a scatter of Spanish sea salt. It makes a great side, or top with jamón ibérico to make it the star snack.

Spanish appetizer with red vermouth, olives, fried potatoes or chips on a table at home. Refreshing and relaxing drink after work

Vermut - The red vermouth of Reus, simply known as vermut de Reus, is Catalunya’s aperitivo drink of choice, especially on weekends. It is fast becoming known globally, where it is served just as they do in Spain - over ice, with a dash of club soda, a slice of orange and an anchovy-stuffed-olive on a toothpick. This sweetish tipple is the best with salty snacks, we promise!