Oct 28 2022

ICEX and Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium Plan Activities in US and Mexico This Fall

The goal is to raise awareness about Spanish Serrano ham’s unique qualities and promote ham that bears the consortium’s quality seal

Serrano ham is getting the star treatment it deserves, thanks to the efforts of ICEX and the Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium. Throughout the last three months of 2022, the two groups will work in tandem to raise awareness and promote consumption of Serrano ham, specifically in strategic markets like Mexico and the US.

In the US, they will organize actions that aim to educate professional buyers and procurement managers about the Serrano Consortium's quality seal and its hams’ unique characteristics that set it apart from the competition.

For example, in September, online seminars were organized to highlight the best qualities of ham that bears the consortium’s distinct seal. In early October, they organized an activity in New York, the goal of which was to talk to professionals about the singular qualities of Spanish foods. 

ICEX and the consortium have also worked with the Specialty Food Association, the Food Marketing Institute, and the Culinary Institute of America, all in the US.

In November and December, they will roll out advertising campaigns in Mexico on multiple platforms, including El Universal and Reforma. They will also collaborate with Masterchef. There are also plans to organize tastings and other promotional activities. 

Previously, ICEX and the consortium have focused their efforts on promoting Serrano am in priority markets such as Australia, Sweden, and France.