Apr 11 2022

Ibérico Products Are Now Available in Sustainable Glass Jars

This novel packaging decision will protect their products’ organoleptic qualities and is also better for the planet

There's a new, sustainable trend in packaging and Spanish company Arturo Sánchez is leading the way. The Guijuelo-based company recently launched a new line of cold cuts that are vacuum packed in glass jars, which helps maintain the products flavor and aroma. The company's goal is to provide consumers with a superior organoleptic experience while using sustainable packaging. Products available in glass jars include 100% Ibérico acorn-fed Gran Reserva chorizo and salchichón. Their production process is elaborate and the company pays exquisite attention to every single part of the process.

Salchichón in Glass Jar

The decision to eliminate the use of plastic packaging, which comes into direct contact  with the cold cuts, will now allow the brand’s fans to enjoy their meats’ delicious qualities, which will be preserved entirely as they make their way from the  company's natural drying sheds to supermarket shelves. The use of glass is environmentally-friendly decision as it can easily be recycled, or it can be reused for other foods or products, making it a zero-waste option. It aligns perfectly with the company's commitment to not only quality products, but also to the planet.Arturo Sánchez is a family-owned business, making Ibérico meat products since 1917. These items are available not only in Spain, but also throughout Europe, Latin America, North America, and Asia.

Iberico in Glass Jar