Aug 11 2023

Spanish Food and Drinks Receive 26 Three-Stars Distinctions at the Great Taste Awards

These awards are part of the largest and must trusted drink accreditation scheme in the world

Spanish products are no strangers to accolades, and this year’s Great Taste Awards were no different. In fact, Spanish products took home 239 awards at the 2023 edition. Just 1.8% of the products that enter this competition receive the highest accolade, which is 3 stars.

A total of 26 Spanish products (a 10% of the total 3 Stars Awarded) received this highly respected seal of approval this year. Anchovies were the stars this year with 8 awarded products: Conservas Catalina’s reserva anchovies; Hazas anchovies and El Astilleru de Hazas anchovies from Anchoas Hazas; Cantabrian Sea anchovies in organic butter from M.A. Revilla; Cantabrian anchovy fillets 000 Limited Edition and Cantabrian anchovy fillets in “Beppino Occelli” butter from Magno Foods; anchovies in smoked butter from Rooftop Smokehouse and Chef Market’s Rosalita smoked Cantabrian anchovies in olive oil and Rosalita XL cantabrian anchovies in olive oil.

Charcuterie, with a spotlight on cecina, followed with 6 awards: Wagyu cecina Selección El Castro from Productos Cárnicos El Castro; Embutidos Ferju’s Cecina de León PGI; Premium suprema de cecina from Entrepeñas; Ibérico acorn-feed jamón from Ibéricos Montellano; Tudanca ham from Carnicería Quintana; Señorío organic Acorn-Fed Ibérico salchichón from Brindisa Ltd.

Cheeses also play an important role with 4 3-stars recognitions for Campante cheese from La Quesería de María; Manchego DOP artisan cured cheese from Agrovillasierra; and Villarejo’s rosemary cured cheese and Manchego DOP cured cheese “Nuestra Señora de Fuentes”.

Olives (Organic empeltre olives from EVOO Zeet and Stuffed olives from Anchoas Hazas), Vinegars (Fino dark balsamic cream from Fino and Brindisa Ltd’s Valdespino sherry vinegar with PX), EVOO (Full Moon extra virgin olive oil from Pago Baldíos San Carlos), smoked fish (Rooftop Smokehouse’s smoked trout and anchovies in smoked butter) and honey (Calluna El Robledal honey from Miel Robledal) complete this hall of fame.

Together with this, 78 Spanish products receive 2 stars distinction and 135 entered into the 1 star category.

About Great Taste Food

The Great Taste food and drink accreditation scheme is the largest and most trusted of its kind in the world. The products that participate are evaluated in a robust judging process by a panel with more than 500 experts, who can then award themwith a range of distinctions: 1, 2, or 3 stars.  The experts are industry professionals such as chefs, food writers, food critics, buyers, restaurateurs, and retailers.

Products are judged based solely on their taste, and not on their packaging, and the products that receive stars are able to include the Great Taste logo on their packaging, a sign of their excellence for consumers.

More than 150,000 products have been judged as a part of the Great Taste Awards, which were first organized in 1994. Success at these awards opens up new business opportunities for food and drink producers.