Mar 03 2023

Meat Attraction Positions Spain as an International Meat Hub

After the event, ICEX will host international buyers and opinion leaders and give them an up-close look at Spain’s meat value chain

Body: The international trade fair par excellence for meat industry professionals, Meat Attraction, will run from March 6th to the 8th in Madrid. This important event aims to support the development, promotion, and growth of the sector while positioning Spain as the main hub for international meat products. Attendees will include retailers, representatives from the HoReCa channel, procurement managers, meat product importers, and other professionals.

There will be several product areas, including fresh and frozen meat; meat by-products such as sausages, cured meats, cold cuts, pates, and precooked products; Ibéricoland, which will feature meats with designated quality distinctions (PGI, PDO, etc.); and a Halal and kosher area.

The program is packed with a wide range of activities, including a competition for butchers, cooking demos and new product presentations, awards presentations, masterclasses, and tastings. Topics that will be explored include automation and robotization in the meat industry, the versatility of goat and sheep meat, wine pairings with beef from Ávila, sustainability measures within the sector, and Ibérico ham consumption data and trends outside Spain.

There will also be an extensive exhibition area featuring companies from all over the world as well as four reverse trade missions throughout Spain to visit Spanish meat plants and get a first-hand look at the Spanish meat industry and value chain. They’ll learn about the production process and the products’ characteristics, from fuet and chorizo to loin and Serrano ham.

Hosted Buyers from Malaysia and South Korea Head to Northeast Spain with Interporc

Interporc, together with ICEX, will embark on a tour of meat brand facilities around Spain with a group of buyers from Malaysia and South Korea. Once the trade fair has concluded on March 8th they will travel first to Zaragoza and that evening they’ll dine at Celebris restaurant.

The next day they will visit the Grupo Jorge facilities, and later Fribin in Binéfar, where they will also have lunch. That afternoon they will tour the Litera Meat facilities. Dinner will be in Girona, at L’Assaig restaurant in Hotel Nord 1901.

The following day the group of buyers will visit NOEL Alimentaria, which will include a tour of the cutting plant and an up-close look at sausage production. After the tour they will return to Madrid, where they’ll make a final stop at Incarlopsa, followed by dinner at Del Cacique.

Hosted Buyers from Chile Visit Facilities in Madrid, Segovia and Toledo

Interporc and ICEX will also host opinion leaders from Chile on another 3-day adventure to see Spain’s meat landscape. During Meat Attraction, this group of journalists will also visit the meat sections of Chamartin market and Carrefour market in Madrid on March 7th.

The following day, after attending the fair, they will travel to Segovia to visit Monte Nevado, which took home the Best Serrano Ham distinction at the Alimentos de España awards. Their 3-hour tour will include an extensive tour and tasting. Lunch will be at José Maria restaurant.

The next day they will Grupo Tello Alimentación in Toledo, where they’ll learn about the products the group makes as well as its progress in sustainability and the circular economy. Lunch will be at La Cave restaurant nearby. On March 10th, the group will return to Madrid.

Hosted Buyers from Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and Kuwait, in a Discovery Trip hand to hand with Provacuno

Provacuno will also host importers and buyers, this time from Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and Kuwait.

After Meat Attraction, they will first head to Valdepeñas to visit the Vacunoplus facilities, specifically the slaughterhouse and cutting plant. They’ll enjoy lunch at La Aguzadera. That evening they will travel to Requena (Valencia), for dinner and to spend the night.

The next day they will travel to the Bos Nostrum farm for a tour, and then head to EC Medina, in Buñol. Here too they’ll see the slaughterhouse and cutting plant, and they’ll enjoy a delicious lunch on site. Then they’ll return to Madrid in the evening.

On the final day they will visit the meat market at Mercamadrid and also see the El Encinar de Humienta cutting plant.

Hosted Buyers will be hosted by Extenda and will travel to Andalusia.

After Meat Attraction they will head to Córdoba. On March 9th they’ll visit Los Pedroches PDO to learn all about acorn-fed Ibérico ham and the industry, and sample it. They they’ll visit Pozoblanco to get an up-close look at the dehesa where the pigs graze. This will be followed by a visit to COVAP facilities, followed by a networking lunch.

The next day they will travel to Jabugo, Huelva, for a sensory tasting session at Jabugo PDO. After that they’ll head to Sánchez Romero Carvajal for a tour and networking lunch. In the afternoon, the group will end their visit with a trip to Oro Viejo.

Buyers’ Trip to Asturias

A group of buyers will travel with Asturex north to Asturias after Meat Attraction concludes. Their visit will begin with a welcome dinner at Llagar de Colloto, in Oviedo, featuring Casín beef.

The following day they will travel to Mieres to visit the Ganadería Cabrero and get to know the Casín oxen. After that they will head to Ribadesella to visit Aramburu, followed by a return to Oviedo to visit Crivencar. Lunch, featuring PGI Asturian Veal paired with wine, will be served at Terra Astur.

After lunch, the group will travel to Noreña to visit Asincar.  Then they’ll head back to Oviedo once again for a special dinner at Zentral Ramiro I Hotel.

On Friday, the group of buyers will go to Gijón to tour Cánicas Hicor, followed by a trip to Candás, where they will learn about the Asturian veal breeding process at Casería La Piedra.

Once they finish, they will travel to Grado to visit Bénfer, but they return to Oviedo for a delicious lunch at Casa Chema to feast on its award-winning Asturian veal cachopo. Following an afternoon of travel and R&R, they will have dinner at Zentral Ramiro I Hotel again. The next day, they will head home.