Jan 13 2023

Monte Nevado’s Campus del Jamón Confirms a Successful First 6 Months

This campus brings together research, technology, and artisanal expertise about jamón ibérico, the first place of its kind in the world

Monte Nevado opened the very first Campus del Jamón in the world in May of 2022, in Carbonero el Mayor, in Segovia. This unique center is the first of its kind in the world dedicated exclusively to training and research in jamón ibérico. As a multipurpose space, it spans over 1,200 square meters along with 10,000 square meters of curing cellars as well as carving and tasting rooms, a showroom, an auditorium, and an area for cooking demos.

Campus del Jamón de MonteNevado

During its first half-year, over 1,000 people have been trained at its facilities in areas such as genetics, production, tasting protocols, and carving. They’ve all learned about jamón regulations around the world as well as this delicacy’s history and tradition. This is particularly interesting as there had been a lack of specialized training in this area until now. The Campus del Jamón also offers the first-ever Basic Master Jamón Carver Course. Students are generally butchers, food journalists, and restaurateurs, many of the latter bearing Michelin stars.

People from all over the have visited, with about 40% of total visitors traveling from European countries like Croatia, Hungary, and Italy, but also from the US, Japan, and Brazil. During the tour, people learn about how Spanish jamón is made and cured and its aromas and flavors. The visit ends with a jamón and wine tasting.