Jan 09 2023

'Picos' Popularity Grows in the US and the UK

Spanish breadsticks are an increasingly popular product that is available to consumers in the UK, the US, and beyond

There are many Spanish products that are successful beyond Spain, but one that stands out in particular is breadsticks. While they’re a relatively simple product, they are tasty, versatile, and extremely popular, especially in the UK and the US. They’re often served with Spanish charcuterie and are the perfect savory accompaniment.

One of the most successful producers of breadsticks, known as picos de pan in Spanish, is the Obando Artisan Bakery, based in Seville. The company reported sales of over $5 million in 2021, thanks to the popularity of its breadsticks. Part of their international prestige is the fact that they’re served at superchef José Andrés’ restaurants across the US.

There are many stores selling Spanish products in the UK that offer picos, like Brindisa, which offers breadsticks from Horno de la Gañanía. The Gourmet Market sells various picos from La Chinata. These crunchy breadsticks are flavored with extra virgin olive oil and salt. Basic Fine Foods offers its customers artisan breadsticks from a small bakery near Cádiz, in Andalusia. Delicioso sells mini breadsticks, and El Colmado, based in Bristol, sells Quely breadsticks.

In the US, Mariana Foods sells traditional country-style Spanish picos, while La Tienda not only sells gourmet toasted breadsticks from Peregrino, they also include them in their samplers and gift boxes. La Española Meats, Inc. also sells picos, and they can even be found on Amazon.