Jun 09 2023

Get Gin-spired by Spain’s Best Gins!

Spain is literally brimming with great gin (!) so, to help guide you on World Gin Day, we’ve created a Spanish gindex - featuring the best, most interesting varieties and how to serve them

With World Gin Day on June 10th, you’ll be pleased to hear that Spain is literally brimming with great gins - and there’s a huge variety of the distilled spirit available So get gin-spired by using our helpful gindex featuring Spain’s most interesting gins and how best to serve them (beyond the classic gin & tonic)

Gin Mare

An 18th century distillery on Spain’s eastern coastline is concocting gin that embodies the flavor of the Mediterranean. Using arbequina olives, lemons and oranges from Spain, as well as basil from Italy, rosemary from Greece and thyme from Turkey - Gin Mare is an aroma-burst of all these ingredients.

Must-try: Gin Mare with tonic, grapefruit slice and rosemary sprig, or the Med Soul cocktail by Juanjo Sánchez, incorporating sherry, blood orange and olives.

Mahón Xoriguer

Hailed as probably the oldest gin in the Mediterranean, the traditional Mahón Xoriguer gin from the island of Menorca offers maritime history in a bottle. Well-water, juniper berries and aromatic notes of citrus, forest floor and herbs will transport you to the Balearics for sure!

Must-try: Xoriguer Gin & Tonic Floral with Chamomile Liquor and an orange twist, or the Menorcan favorite cocktail - the Pomada - made with lemon juice, mint and soda.

Puerto de Indias

Although it is one of the oldest distilleries in Seville - dating back to 1880 - Puerto de Indias is right on the latest gin trends. Traditional techniques, and the trademark citrus-and-fennel aromas, are getting a boost with gin flavors and combinations - Sweet Melon, anyone?!

Must-try: Puerto French 75, using Puerto de Indias Gin, DO Cava, sugar and lemon juice.


Admitting perfectionism to the point of madness, the experts at Ginraw in Barcelona have created a modernist’s gin of choice. After an exhaustive distillation process, you can expect the freshest notes of citrus and laurel leaves, with spices such as cardamom and coriander.

Must-try: Ginraw Gin with tonic, add a twist of lime and lemon leaf, or the Ginraw Cherry Blossom Gin in a Singapore Sling!

Nordés Gin

The passion project of an acclaimed sommelier, a wine trader and a master distiller, this Galician gin from the north Atlantic coast stays true to origin, using the albariño grape as one of its profiles, alongside a long list of classic botanicals - notably eucalyptus, fennel and hibiscus.

Must-try: Nordés Gin with tonic and three green grapes, or the Nordesiño aperitivo cocktail - combining tonic, albariño wine and a lemon slice.