Mar 30 2023

Spanish Ham Brings 'Happiness' to the US

Spanish associations joined forces to give the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness the flavors of Spain. Interporc and ASICI are working to raise awareness about Spanish ham with an initiative called “Slices of Happiness.” In New York and Washington, DC, they sought to spread happiness and smiles by handing out slices of Spanish ham at traveling food truck.

Over the course of several days, the truck traveled through Manhattan and Brooklyn with stops at major sites such as Central Park, Wall Street, Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, Little Spain, Rockefeller Center, and the Brooklyn Bridge, among others. In the nation’s capital, the truck stopped at the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, The Capitol, Washington’s National Cathedral, and other locations, to delight the locals as well as tourists with the flavors of Spain. During this 4-day initiative, more than 5,000 trays of Spanish ham were handed out in the two cities.

The US is an important market for ham producers. In Spain, production totaled 46 million hams in 2022, of which 42,570 were exported. The US ranks fifth among destination countries in terms of value and volume, as France, Germany, Portugal, and Italy are among the top countries.