Mar 30 2023

International Cider Summit Debuts Big

Cider was in the spotlight at a series events that included tastings, roundtable discussions, and food and cider pairings, among other activities

Cider was recently on everyone’s lips in Asturias, thanks to the International Cider Summit, held on March 23rd and 24th,  and a series of cider-related events held in parallel, between March 20th and the 26th. This includes Cider Week and the Cider Festival.

The goal of these events was to celebrate this drink's unique and historical culture as well as its diversity with people from all over the world. The summit was accessible to people everywhere as it was streamed on YouTube and Facebook, though around 1,000 people attended.

A wide variety of topics were covered at the summit, including cider in haute cuisine, cider tourism in Asturias, training in the industry, organic apple production, and cider monoculture in other countries. There were speakers and roundtable participants from Spain, the US, the Netherlands, France, Norway, and Belgium, among other places.

Activities held in parallel include tasting menus paired with cider, cider and cheese tastings, and cocktail tastings made with cider. There were held at local bars and restaurants in cities like Oviedo and Gijón, among other places.

Additional activities included a World Cider Bar with more than 60 types of ciders from different countries, a PDO Sidra de Asturias area, food trucks, and live music.