Mar 16 2023

World Olive Oil Exhibition Seeks to Strengthen and Unite Industry

This leading international trade fair, held in Madrid,  welcomed more than 4.5k visitors from  45 countries

The 10th edition of World Olive Oil Exhibition (WOOE) recently came to a close, strengthening its position as a top international olive oil trade fair. It was held at Madrid’s Ifema Convention Center and welcomed over 300 companies from Spain,  New Zealand, Tunisia, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Portugal and Italy. Visitors from more than 45 different countries also attended the event.

The fair spotlighted a wide variety of olive oils, and that diversity was celebrated by the industry professionals who attended, among them procurement  managers, e-commerce store owners, importers, chefs, and restaurateurs, among others.

The program was packed with interesting activities, presentations, discussions, covering topics such as the health benefits of olive oil, innovation and resource optimization in the sector, certifications in the industry, and global production forecasts. There were also cooking challenges, pairings, and tastings featuring leading Mediterranean EVOOs. A gourmet area, headed by renowned Galician chef Kike Piñeiro, was also created so attendees could sample his creative cuisine featuring olive oil; there was an olive oil bar, where people could taste different oils; and there were also two separate awards presentation to products made with olive oil.

This was a very important event where industry leaders and players were able to come together and talk about the future, connect with clients, and continue to work together to support an olive oil sector that is more united and stronger than ever.