Sep 14 2023

Valverán 20 Manzanas Named World’s Best Specialty Cider at the World Cider Awards

This ice cider is made from 20 hand-selected organic PDO apples at 20 below zero, followed by fermentation and aging on fine lees

The World Cider Awards recently wrapped up and a cider from Spain took top honors. Valverán 20 Manzanas was named World’s Best Specialty Cider and received a gold medal. This ice cider is made in Asturias by Llagares Valverán, part of Masaveu Bodegas, and it took home the same distinction at the 2022 edition of the awards, along with a gold medal. Ciders from Spain, the UK, Ireland, China, Canada, France, Portugal, Poland, the US and beyond all competed for the coveted awards.

Valverán 20 Manzanas follows ice cider style which is made by harvesting frozen apples. A single bottle is made with 20 rigorously selected apples and is prepared using a complex temperature control system at 20 below zero to recreate the same effects of frost in the orchard. The fermentation process takes 10 months and it’s aged on fine lees for one year. A limited edition of just 18,000 bottles has been produced.

The organic apples come PDO Cider from Asturias, on the El Rebollar estate in Sariego, home to 20,000 apple trees with 11 different varietals such as Fuentes, Collaos, Raxao, and Blanquina.

In Spain, cider production is concentrated in the northern part of the country and, especially, in two regions: Asturias and the Basque Country. Under Sidra de Asturias PDO both natural and sparkling cider are produced. Sidra del País Vasco PDO focus on natural ciders, although some variations as the wood aged cider can also be produced under this quality label.

The World Cider Awards are part of the World Drink Awards, organized by, seek to highlight the most recognized styles and celebrate and promote them vis-à-vis consumers and industry professionals. The various taste categories reflect the different cider-making styles and processes and the range of pears and apples used.