Apr 08 2024

Marti Buckley Dives into the Basque Pintxos World in Her New Book

This month she sets off on a book tour in the US, presenting Basque pinxtos to people in Birmingham, Washington, DC, New York City, Los Angeles, and Seattle

American food writer Marti Buckley recently published a book that’s going to help showcase Basque food to the world. The Book of Pintxos: Discover the Legendary Small Bites of the Basque Country, as it’s called, includes a forward from famed chef Juan Mari Arzak and his daughter, Elena Arzak.

The first book if its kind, it offers pintxos recipes in what is being described as a “bible on this significant food of Basque culture,” and highlights their history as well as the people who make them. Buckley talks about what makes a pintxo and gives step-by-step instructions so people can recreate them at home. What makes pintxos especially unique is that they are “well-thought out dishes, distilling ingredient know-how and creative cooking techniques into one or a few bites.”

Her book features 100 recipes, along with stunning photography, histories, and profiles of bars and restaurants in the Basque Country.

Buckley is soon setting off to promote her book in the US which a month-long tour that includes cities like Birmingham, Alabama; Washington, DC; Saratoga Springs, NY; New York City; Los Angeles; and Seattle.

Pintxos are typically finger foods typically served at bars and restaurants throughout the region. They are often displayed on countertops for consumers to choose, and can consist of either a slice of bread as a base topped with different ingredients or a several ingredients skewered on a toothpick. Famous recipes include gildas -a combination of a olive, and anchovie and a spicy green pepper called piparra-, stuffed red peppers or mushrooms with different sauces.