Mar 12 2024

All About the Atlantic Healthy Diet

It’s easy to incorporate Spanish products into the Atlantic diet, from seafood and fish from Galicia to vegetables from the Canary Islands

The Atlantic diet is all the rage these days. This particular diet is believed to help reduce metabolic syndrome risk by up to 68%, according to a study in JAMA, the journal published by the American Medical Association. It’s also believed to help reduce abdominal obesity. The Atlantic diet excludes processed foods and includes moderate consumption of red meat, whole grains, and unrefined starches. Just like the Mediterranean diet, which has also many benefits for our health, something that have been confirmed through scientific studies.

Both diets - the Atlantic and the Mediterranean- can be fully enjoyed in Spain through its traditional products and recipes: something that’s quite unique and it’s possible due to the geographical and culinary diversity of the country.

Spain is home to many products that align with the Atlantic diet. This includes canned fish and seafood from Galicia, such as cockles, scallops, clams, razor clams, salmon, sardines, and goose barnacles, among many others. This northern region of Spain is also home to many DOs, including beef meat (Ternera Gallega PGI) or cheeses (Queso Tetilla PDOArzúa-Ulloa PDOSan Simón da Costa PDO and Cebreiro PDO.


Galicia is also known for other products with PGIs and DOs, such as vegetables like grelos (turnip greens), potatoes, and green peppers (Pemento da Arnoia PGI and Pemento de Herbón PDO) and legumes like Faba de Lourenzá PGI.

The Canary Islands, also bathed by the Atlantic, have plenty of Atlantic diet foods, from its plátanos (with PGI) to its potatoes (Papas Antiguas de Canarias PDO). Andalusia has also an Atlantic side, which coincides with the province of Cádiz area, where you can find Preserved Almadraba tuna, and with Huelva, home of Jabugo PDO jamón ibérico and well-know delicacies as white prawn or strawberries from the area. Many of these products can be bought in stores outside Spain, all around the world.