Apr 01 2024

Spanish Serrano Ham Exports Up 4% Year-on-Year in 2023

The Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium works tirelessly to raise the profile of this Spanish delicacy abroad, especially in the US, the UK, France, and Mexico

The demand for Spanish Serrano ham is on the rise, as the data shows. The Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium has reported notable growth in ham exports.
In 2023, more than 730,000 hams with the Consortium seal were sent abroad. That reflects growth of almost 4% compared with 2022.

The quality seal guarantees that the ham was produced in accordance with the Consortium’s rigorous quality standards and quality controls that are required prior to export. This ensures that the Serrano ham is a premium product produced using traditional methods and using 100% Spanish ingredients.

Another important role of the Consortium is to raise awareness about Serrano ham around the world. Currently, this Spanish ham is available in more than 65 different countries, and export numbers continue to beat records year after year.

The Consortium works alongside Foods & Wines From Spain, the sector brand that is well known in international markets, to focus on four main areas: France, the US, Mexico, and the UK. Its main promotional activities include organizing tastings at points-of-sale, advertising in specialized media, hosting educational sessions, and attending national and international fairs. Its tireless efforts have helped educate both the general public as well as sector professionals about Serrano ham and the added value that it provides.

The charms of Serrano

Serrano ham comes from white pigs and is produced following a rigorous process set out by the Consortium. This ham is usually cured for around 14 months and is an extremely versatile product and popular product at home and abroad. It’s delicious when served with toast, olive oil, and tomato; with scrambled eggs; or as the filling for croquettes. It’s also tasty when served with peas, together with honeydew, and wrapped around asparagus.

A quality Serrano ham should by shiny and very in color from pink to purplish red. The texture should be firm and not especially fibrous, and the flavor is intense, delicate, not too salty, and smooth on the palate. It also has a very characteristic aroma.