Apr 30 2024

Churros with Chocolate to Conquer Austin, Texas

It's the second location in the United States for the legendary madrilenian San Ginés, a flagship of one of Spain's most deeply rooted gastronomic rituals

Founded in 1894, the San Ginés café in Madrid is truly an icon of one of Spain's most beloved gastronomic duos: chocolate with churros. Now, marking the 130th anniversary of this celebrated chocolate outpost (or should we say churrería?), the brand has announced the opening of a establishment in Austin, Texas, this Spring. It won't be the first in U.S. territory, where San Ginés already has a branch in Miami Beach.

It is not by chance that San Ginés has opened in Austin. Álex Trapote, descendant of Pedro Trapote, founder of the original San Ginés, lives there. San Ginés in Austin will have a venue where both chocolate and churros will be served. Churros can be enjoyed on their own or with toppings such as chocolate, dulce de leche, and rainbow sprinkles. And then there are filled churros with dulce de leche, guava, or hazelnuts and chocolate cream. There will also be a food truck where servings of this well-known Spanish flavor combination will be dispensed.

Simplicity and flavor

The Spanish tradition of chocolate with churros is one of the most popular in the country. These are two relatively simple products that, when combined, make all the difference. To prepare churros, you only need water, wheat flour, and salt to make the dough, and oil for frying. Their shape, elongated and striated, is done with the help of a machine called churrera. However, the formula can also be changed to make them thicker by adding yeast or baking soda, in which case they are called porras. The dough, as we have seen, is not sweet by any means. It is only afterwards that they can be sprinkled with sugar on top, which is the only traditional topping in Spain.

The chocolate, on the other hand, is made from a bar made from a minimum of 70% pure cocoa. This chocolate is dissolved in water until it reaches the necessary liquid consistency and a pinch of salt and sugar is added. This way of preparing it is "Spanish style," while it is called "French style" when milk is added, softening the flavor.

With both parts of the equation already in place, one might only wonder: When do you eat chocolate with churros? Spaniards can have it for breakfast or for an afternoon merienda - during that broad period that opens between 4 and 7 in the afternoon. It is also a favorite for weekend mornings when there is less rush and it can be enjoyed more leisurely. Churrisistible!