May 26 2024

Omar Allibhoy Publishes New Cookbook Featuring 50 Delicious Paella Recipes

His book, Paella, is a how-to guide for home chefs in which he breaks down the history of the dish, the ingredients needed, and the techniques used

There’s a new and exciting book out by celebrity chef Omar Allibhoy. Paella is his latest cookbook and it promises to turn you into a ricemaking expert over the course of its 50 recipes.

This 176-page book is packed with delicious recipes for this “ultimate one-pan feast,” at times using unexpected ingredients. It starts by offering readers an overview of paella and its history and then dives into the importance of using the appropriate ingredients. From a paella pan to the right rice, using authentic components in this dish is very important. He also covers the basic techniques to successfully prepare this famous rice dish.


The last section features recipes, including the original Valencian paella, followed by meat and seafood options. This includes rice with chicken, pear, and panceta paella; chicken and rabbit paella; soupy rice with Swiss chard and butterbeans; beef cheek, carrot, and chickpea paella; red mullet and squid paella; black rice with squid and tiger prawn paella; wild mushroom paella; oxtail paella; and “green” paella.

This book is a wonderful resource for home chefs of every level and features step-by-step instructions that are straightforward and easy to follow, accompanied by stellar photos. It includes more elaborate recipes, for special occasions, and simple versions for a mid-week meal.

Omar Allibhoy is a talented chef known who relocated to the UK many years ago. When he realized there was a lack of Spanish restaurants there, he created his own. Today, there are Tapas Revolution restaurants across the UK and he has helped immensely in raising the profile of tapas, and Spanish food in general, there. He has published several cookbooks, among them Tapas Revolution and Spanish Made Simple.