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The Andalusian Food and Wine Pantry

Coasts bathed by two seas, diverse weather conditions, mountainous areas, fertile plains, bountiful vegetable gardens and various climates make it possible for Andalusia to offer an enormous variety of products, many of which are universally acknowledged and the object of increasing appreciation.

Qava, The Corner of Madrid Where Everything Tastes Like Spanish Cheese

Spain has a nearly unequaled variety of quality cheeses, principally due to one main reason: few countries boast the production of so many cheeses made with cow’s, goat’s, ewe’s and mixed milks, as well as blue, cured, semi-cured and fresh cheeses. Now, the city of Madrid has welcomed Qava, the first establishment dedicated to the sale and tasting of exclusively Spanish cheeses. We spoke with one of its founders, José Luis Martín, one of the most renowned cheese experts in Spain.

What Does Asturias Taste Like?

Asturias is a region in what is known as “Green Spain,” an area in the northern part of the country along the Cantabrian Sea. In recent years, it has become one of the main gastronomic destinations for tourists visiting Spain. Let’s feast on some of the jewels of its pantry together.

Iris Schot, a Dutch Fromager Passionate about Spanish Cheeses

Iris Schot is Dutch and the winner of the “Fromager 2019” award for “Best Cheese Platter 2019,” which was presented at the professional Gastronomie 2018 event in Amsterdam last November. She won the prize with her selection of four Spanish cheeses. In this interview, she explains why she is such a supporter of Spanish products.

A Maturing Love for Spanish Raw-Milk Cheeses

Spanish cheeses are some of the finest in the world. This is particularly true when talking about the many excellent raw-milk cheeses that are produced in this country using natural rennets and traditional, artisan techniques.