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Plátano de Canarias, Stronghold of Flavor

Canary Wharf. Dockside in the British capital. The late 19th century. What is now one of London's most dynamic economic hotspots, home to many financial and audiovisual companies, owes its name to the busy shipping route plied between the Canary Islands and Great Britain carrying a highly prized fruit - the banana. Nearly a century and a half later, this product is facing an exciting yet ambitious challenge: breaking into new international markets

To The Heart of Spanish Lettuce

Spain is the number one producer of lettuce in Europe and the world’s biggest exporter, but when it comes to these delicious Spanish greens, this is only the tip of the 'iceberg'

Spain in Yellow: Warm and Homey Flavors of Spanish Gastronomy

Fun, kindness, optimism, stability... these are just four emotional states that can be associated with the color yellow. After touring Spanish gastronomy in red and orange, our next stop on this colorful adventure has to do with savoring the color yellow in Spain. Will you join us?

Spain in orange: Vitality, Fun and Flavor

The color orange is typically associated with youth and the impulses and enthusiasm of youthful passion. The people who use it the most tend to be lively, fun-loving and extremely social. Can this color also be associated with gastronomy, and particularly Spanish products and wines? Of course it can!