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The Unsung World of Spanish Vegetarian Tapas

Marcona almonds, olives, spinach croquetas, fried aubergines… a full tasty menu with no fish or meat in it

'Bonito del Norte': the Most Delicious Canned Food

Every July, the 'costera' takes place in the Cantabrian Sea: this is the time of year when the species Thunnus alalunga is fished in the north of Spain, the raw material for one of Spain's most prized canned products

Healthy Spanish Snacks: Success Stories in a Bite

Guilt-free snacking is in style: companies that produce nuts, granola, and pickled products are exporting quality and innovation: an irresistible mix!

Tuna’s Sweet Underbelly – A Preserved Spanish Exquisitiness

This is the most desirable cut from tuna, one that fills the mouth with luscious, unctuous fat but with a clean meatiness. Pure umami rooted on tradition.

The Anchovy, Aristocracy in (Semi-) Preserved Form

In the last few decades, anchovies have gone from being a humble snack to a delicacy. This is attributable to companies focusing on quality and their skilled craftsmanship.