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Pincho de tortilla, Spanish Omelette enjoyed as a Delicious Tapa

A golden temptation made of eggs, onion (or not), salt and olive oil, perfect for a quick snack, a light meal or even for breakfast!

'Marriage Toast', the Double Anchovy Tapa you Will Love

A 'marriage' between one salted anchovy and a fresh anchovy marinated in white vinegar: a match made in heaven

Gilda, the Queen of the Spanish Tapas

This quintessential Basque tapa is truly delicious and really simple: it only takes an olive, and anchovie and a pepper

The Latest Craze: Chef Mat Schuster’s Veggie Paella at Canela Restaurant in San Francisco

Chef Mat Schuster, owner of Canela Bistro & Wine Bar in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, was inspired to create a restaurant to celebrate Spanish cuisine after meeting his Spanish partner Francisco Cifuentes. Together, they opened Canela in 2011.