Brining is an ancestral food preservation technique that uses two basic ingredients: salt and water. Brine is also used to make traditional Spanish cheeses

Brines are one of the main liquids used to make vegetables that are canned at home. The solutions are made of water and sea salt, and in some cases a bit of sugar is added, but these are essentially the main ingredients required to make a brine. This liquid is used to cover vegetables preserved in cans.

The salt boosts flavors, helps preserve fish and meat, and also plays a role in the cooking process.  In addition to these functions, brine has also made its way into the kitchens of top Spanish restaurants: it's applied to meat and fish prior to cooking.

Salting foods using a liquid brine has many advantages in line with traditional food salting practices: The pieces are salted more homogeneously since the salt "reaches" the food in a more uniform way through the water.

Foods emit less water during cooking because, when they are salted with brine, they absorb more water and salt, with the result that they release water more slowly and are juicer after cooking.