Level 1: Spain's Pantry Certificate Info

Spain´s Pantry is the first official course to offer total immersion in the most emblematic food products to be found in the Spanish pantry.

This is a Certificate designed for professionals working in the food and drink sectors: from importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, hospitality staff and trade journalists to front-of-house teams at Restaurants from Spain certified restaurants. All of them will have the opportunity to be part of this incredible tour around Spanish gastronomy. 

Online course

Over five weeks, a specialist will guide participants through the most emblematic components of the Spanish pantry, highlighting the great quality, variety, and authenticity of Spain’s food products, their healthy and gourmet attributes, and the great culinary added value they offer.

Each manual describes the products in the context of the geography and climate of the area of the country they come from, highlighting the product’s nutritional properties, technological features, qualities and quality endorsements (P.D.O., P.G.I. etc.) amongst other things.

The course, which is being delivered online and entirely in English, also looks at how the products are used in gastronomy, showing cooking techniques along with traditional and cutting-edge ways to present the item.

Students will have the opportunity to attend a weekly session online in which they will be able to interact both with subject specialist and the rest of the professionals attending the course.

At the end of the course successful candidates will be issued the Diploma: Spain's Pantry Certificate.


The modules are scheduled as follows: 

Week 1          Introduction. Traditional and Avant-Garde Culinary Techniques in Spain

                      Module 1. Marine Products. Fishing, Aquaculture and Tinned Foods                                  Videoconference (1h 30 min)

Week 2          Module 2. Meat and Meat Products
                        Videoconference (1h 30 min)

Week 3          Module 3. Spain´s Essential Ingredients and Confectionery
                        Videoconference (1h 30 min)

Week 4          Module 4. Spanish Wine
                        Videoconference (1h 30 min)

Week 5          Catch up

                        No videoconference

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