Wines from Spain Certificate

Unveiling Spanish Wine

ICEX – Foods&Wines from Spain has put together an official and exciting educational programme that will provide participants with the in-depth knowledge they’ll need to fully understand and appreciate Spain´s current wine landscapes: classic icons, crowd-pleasers, heritage styles, as well as the hidden treasures from native varieties that a young generation of winemakers and vinegrowers are steadily recovering and offering to the world.

The objective is to give professionals a deep understanding of Spanish wines, to know where the current Spanish wine industry comes from and where it is headed.

Attention will also be given to the connection between wines and regional gastronomies. The central part of the course will focus on the fundamental styles of wine in Spain from the perspective of the country’s grape varieties.

The ultimate aim of the course is to build a network of enthusiastic Spanish Wine Ambassadors, eager to teach and spread their passion and knowledge.

Unveiling Spanish Wine


Each course is intended for international wine professionals who wish to study Spanish wines in a systematic way, creating a solid and comprehensive foundation of knowledge.

Participants must be professionals from the wine trade & communication industry, as well as professionals in the wine education area.