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San Sebastián Gastronomika - Programme UK Merchants

With its maiden edition held 23 years ago, San Sebastian Gastronomika Euskadi Basque Country was the world’s first International Gastronomy Congress and a pioneer in the gastronomy sector. With a huge impact in the media – reaching some 150 million people – it brings together professionals from the gastronomy, hospitality and food sectors every year. Today, it is a meeting point for anyone who has something to contribute to the universe of gastronomy and, in addition, is where attendees have the chance to interact with other people, giving rise to unique experiences that bring products or creations to their target market and to other media.

In 2022 edition (2-5 october), Foods & Wines from Spain - Alimentos de España have organized a programme for a group of UK merchants who have had free access to the entire congress held at the Kursaal Congress Centre and to one exclusive activity per day, including a Spanish top wines tasting on Monday; a workshop on Spanish extra virgin oils on Tuesday and workshop on canned foods on Wednesday.

All these activities of each of the days have taken place in a private room within the Kursaal Convention Center. The guests has also been able to enjoy the exhibition andt asting spots that are part of the congress, having direct access to the main auditorium at all times.

In addition to this, on October 2 they attended the official welcome dinner at the Sidrería Saizar (Usurbil) cider house. with a set menu using homegrown ingredients. On October 3, they had dinner at Restaurante Elkano* (Getaria), which has the best product in Spain: a unique dinner paired with a selection of top wines from Spain. On October 4, they had dinner at restaurant Urola (San Sebastián), famous by using seasonal and local products.

Below is the complete list of UK merchants who took part in the programme:

David Menéndez (CEO) Mevalco Importer and distributor
Sam Sohn-Rethel (Operation Manager) Mevalco Importer and distributor
Adam Beckey (General Manager) Ultracomida Foodservice/ Importer and distributor
Owen Morgan (Owner) Group 44 Foodservice
Omar Allibhoy (Owner) Tapas Revolution Foodservice
Jade Hoai (Director of Purchasing and Operations) Wholefoods Retailer
Clare Heanen (Director) HG Walter Importer and retailer
Marcos Fernández (CEO) Ibérica Group Foodservice
Encina Barragán (Owner) The Ojos Foods Importer and distributor
Cristina Pasantes (Marketing and Sales Director) Brindisa Foodservice/   Importer and distributor
Sunit Mehta (Managing Director) Rowcliffe Importer and distributor
Jordan Moore (Senior Food Innovation Manager) Gousto Retailer
Imanol Barcenilla (Owner) Zootek Importer and distributor
Monika Linton (Owner) Tapas Brindisa Foodservice/   Importer and distributor
Rupert Linton (Partner) Brindisa Importer and distributor


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