Oct 21 2022

GREAT BRITISH CHEFS - The Complete Foodie Guide to Galicia



Welcome to Galicia - Keen to find out more about this green Spanish region? Check out our complete foodie guide to Galicia.

(...) This marked difference in climate from most of the rest of Spain is reflected in Galicia’s unique culinary traditions of green leafy stews, poached seafood and fish, lightly cured pork, the best potatoes in Spain and empanadas. The fish and seafood here are amongst the highest quality in the world and Galicians are famous for cooking their fish and seafood simply and to perfection (...)

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Ingredient focus: Galician tinned seafood - The north west of Spain is famed for its exceptional preserved seafood. Rachel McCormack takes a closer look at the origins of this tradition and finds out what tinned goods are available in Galicia today.

(...) In Spain tins are opened at a table as part of a family dinner or an aperitif. Small wine bars and restaurants will proudly offer the best tins as a starter or a pre meal snack. Food magazines and websites regularly mention the newest companies making high-end tinned fish, and blind tastings of all categories of tins are common (...)

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Santiago de Compostela - The region's capital Santiago de Compostela may be best known as the end point of the Way of St.James but it also has a thriving food culture, waiting to be discovered.

(...) Today Santiago has more people than ever walking the St James Way, even if most of them are looking for the earthly pleasures of a week-long walk and some good food at the end of it rather than a direct passage to heaven, most of them still have a scallop shell somewhere in their rucksacks (...)

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The Wines of Rías Baixas - Galicia isn't just famed for its food -some of Spian's most celebrated white wines are produced here, particularly in Rías Baixas. Discover more about the D.O that's home to the Albariño grape.

(...) Albariño flavour is of intense aromas and a light crispy finish that is so important in good white wines. Demand for Albariño is increasing all over the world and some makers have had to introduce quotas for each buyer as they simply don’t make enough (...)

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How to Cook Galician empanadas - Inspired to recreate the food of Galicia in your own kitchen? Check out our Galician-inspired recipes, including a take on the region's unique style of empanada.

(...) Empanadas are a much-loved Galician regional speciality. The word empanada comes from the verb ‘empanar’ meaning ‘to bread’ and Galician empanadas are distinguished by their shape, their dough and their fillings, which typically contain tinned fish or seafood (...)

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BBQ scallops - In this luxurious Galician recipe, Iberico pork fat and garlic-coated scallops are grilled on the barbecue in their shells with pimentón (hot Spanish paprika), then finished with a parsley crumb.

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Mussels ajada - This recipe for mussels ajada is made by combining a base of potatoes and onions with mussels in ajada sauce and is finished with crispy garlic chips. Ajada sauce is traditionally used for pork, but it also pairs beautifully with seafood, and the bed of potato and onion soaks up all the extra juices.

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Galician cockle empanada with allioli - Here we have used tinned cockles in brine (berberechos al natural) seasoned with pimentón (hot Spanish paprika) for the filling, and served the pie with an intensely garlickly homemade allioli.

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Tetilla cheese-stuffed Padrón pepper gratin - Here, we’ve baked the cheesy peppers into a potato gratin-style dish to make a rich and comforting winter dish. Tetilla cheese is a mild, creamy Galician cow’s milk cheese that traditionally comes in a cone shape, and pairs well with the white wine in the gratin

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Baked rice pudding with chestnuts - A riff on a traditional Galician milk pudding, this lemon and cinnamon-scented rice pudding incorporates an important ingredient of the region - chestnuts. 

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