Delft and Westland

Programme event: Delft and Westland

As part of the softlanding program participants will spend three days visiting the most important Dutch foodtech regions and cities. With every stop, they meet with incumbents in the Dutch foodtech ecosystem. This 'roadshow' will create familiarity with the Dutch foodtech ecosystem, provides pitching and network opportunities, and give participants first-hand insights into the Dutch (business) culture - all important factors when scaling to the Netherlands.


The South Holland region of Delft and Westland is small in size, but buzzing with an unusual amount of activity. Delft, for instance, has the highest concentration of knowledge institutions in the Netherlands, and almost all of the knowledge-based companies there rank among the top of their sector. The cooperation in Delft between the research institutions and companies generates an exceptional amount of technological innovation. Westland is the center of horticulture in the Netherlands. Currently, the sector is undergoing renewal and developing greater sustainability in order to hold on to its world leadership. The participants of the program will visit three relevant Dutch footech hubs in Delft and Westland.

Biotech Campus Delft is a new open innovation campus in Europe, focused on biotechnology, boosting the transition to a sustainable, bio-based economy. The organization supports the whole innovation cycle, from research to piloting, to production. The biotech campus is a hive full of companies: startups, scale-ups, established companies, and knowledge institutions. All of them contributing to the transition in their own way. For more information on Biotech Campus Delft, you can visit their website through the following link:


The unique scale-up ecosystem Planet is focused on industrial biotechnology. Planet is a non-profit organization contributing to the transition of today's fossil-based, linear economy to tomorrow's bio-based, circular economy, by promoting Industrial Biotechnology. For more information on Planet you can visit their website through the following link:

World Horti Centre located in Westland is the knowledge and innovation center for international greenhouse horticulture. A platform where business, education, research, and government come together to innovate, connect, inspire and share knowledge. For more information on World Horti Centre, you can visit their website through the following link:

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June 21 2022




Delft and Westland


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