The Desafía FoodTech Immersion Program have connected eight leading Spanish startups with Dutch industry leaders in the food and agriculture sector.

Bio2Coat   BreadFree   Ingredalia   Innomy












Mimic Food   Moa   Nucaps   Oscillum
Mimic Food   Moa   Nucaps   Oscillum

Bio2Coat is another startup part of Desafia FoodTech Netherlands 2022. Researchers from the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) have invented a technology that extends the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables using a natural coating made from food sources.

By keeping products fresh longer, this solution has the potential to take a big step in the fight against food waste and at the same time, combat excessive use of plastic packaging.

  • BreadFree

Introducing @BreadFree - a Spanish startup innovating a new process which eliminates immunotoxicity in wheat for the production of high quality gluten-free products.

It is well known that gluten-free products do not match the taste or nutritional value of conventional products. Breadfree’s solution aims to transform flour for consumer and industrial use, while reaching 8,000 tons in production per year until 2027.

  • Ingredalia

Coming from Northern Spain, @Ingredalia develops natural, functional ingredients from vegetable by-products of agri-food companies. Sounds like an interesting collaboration opportunity?
Meet @Miguel Ángel Cubero Márquez, the CEO of Ingredalia. Having sustainability and circular economy as their guiding principles, they obtain natural, functional ingredients, extracts, and healthy additives, among other things from by-products of the food industry.

  • Innomy labs

While meat consumption is not sustainable, the market currently offers only two solid alternatives. The plant-based meat is heavily processed and the cell-based meat is genetically modified and expensive.

What if we tell you there is a third option? @Nicolas Gallo from @Innomy is introducing fungi-based meat:  Experience of consuming juicy meat. low environmental impact and nutritional benefits of mushrooms.

  • Mimic Food

Seafood is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative protein in the food tech industry. However, this is dangerous for fish populations and ocean ecosystems around the world. So, how can we tackle this?

Coming from Madrid in Spain, @Mimic Foods are set to save the oceans and build a better future. Their team has discovered a way to provide consumers with plant-based, clean label, and neutral seafood options.

  • MOA Foodtech

Introducing @MOA foodtech - who have combined Biotechnology and AI into a solution that transforms size streams and food industry byproducts into high-value, animal-free protein products.

The ugly truth about the agriculture industry is that 80% of deforestation happens due to agricultural expansion. This is why solutions like MOA that are pioneering a new form of protein source will come to the forefront over the next few years.


We’re introducing @Nucaps, a startup offering natural and efficient solutions for the oral delivery of bioactives and probiotics using nanotechnology. Meet @Mariano Oto, CEO at @NUCAPS. Coming from Spain, Mariano and Nucaps are open to explore collaboration opportunities with Dutch partners that can support their internationalization process via The Netherlands.


With over 60% of Spanish startups using deep tech for sustainable food solutions, Spain is standing out as a breeding ground for startups of high technological value. By joining forces with Oscillum, you will contribute to reducing food waste and move one step forward towards a sustainable food value chain. Coming from Spain, Oscillum is developing smart labels that can alert consumers about the state of a product through a simple color change.


The program is designed to help Spanish startups scale internationally via The Netherlands, identify a clear product-market fit and establish themselves in a new ecosystem while getting access to market and capital needs.

What the program looks like:

  • Day 1 - Introduction & Workshop - 06/13/2022

Kicking off with with an introduction of the team and the program, we will be discussing all practicalities and faciliations available during the upcoming two weeks. This session will be hosted from CupolaXS, a knowledge and innovation center for SMEs. Later, we will have workshop about Partnership Development. Then, we will close of the day with welcome drinks!

  • Day 2 - City visit Utrecht - 06/14/2022

On day two, the startups will visit Utrecht. There you will have the opportunity to visit two large Dutch foodtech hubs: Rabobank and Danone Nutricia Research center.

  • Day 3 - Matchmaking Day - 06/15/2022

During this day, the startups will attend the Matchmaking Day. This event consist of 1-on-1 meetings of 20-30 minutes with industry leaders and investors.

  • Day 4 - Wageningen - 06/16/2022

On day four, there will be another city visit! In Wageningen, startups will visit the University, and the innovation center of the region: Foodvalley. During lunch, a guest speaker will join to share his experiences on the food ecosystem. As well, startups will be able to visit the StartLife incubator of Wageningen and Unilever Foods Innovation Centre.

  • Day 5 - Day off - 06/17/2022

On day five no activities will be scheduled to take a break from the program. The startups can use this day to do some sight seeing on their own, catch up with some work or just take a nice rest.

  • Day 6 - Matchmaking day - 06/20/2022

The day will kick off with a partner activity with Innovation Quarter and The Hague Business agency to get . During the afternoon, there will be a 'Get in The Ring' pitch training.

  • Day 7 - City visit Delft and Westland - 06/21/2022

On day seven, the startups will visit Delft and Westland. The first stop of the day will be a partnership development workshop with Yes!Delft. Afterwards, the World Horti Centre after which Planet B.io will be visited.

  • Day 8 - Matchmaking day - 06/22/2022

During this day, activities with other partners and Venture Capitals are planned. More info to follow shortly.

  • Day 9 - Final event - 06/23/2022

During the final event of the program, we will spend time working on your needs and constraints to define a relevant roadmap.  The roadmaps created by the startups will be discussed and the immersion program will be wrapped up. Of course, there will be room for feedback and to close off,  drinks and dinner together!

  • Day 10 - Final event - 06/24/2022

On the final day of the program, there will be another day with no activities, to give the participants the opportunity to work an prepare for their trip home.

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