Sep 04 2023

Croft Twist, Fino Spritz by González Byass, Crosses Borders to United Kingdom, Israel and Switzerland

A new product from this sparkling long drink, called Aperitibox is perfect for enjoying on the beach while enjoying the sunset

According to the company, Croft Twist represents “everything you need to disconnect and enjoy summer. The time of year when good company, the ocean breeze, and a lengthy conversation on the beach are the perfect ingredients for this Fino Spritz.”

Croft Twist is essentially a sparkling ready-mixed long drink which brings together freshly made elderflower, lemon and mint cordials, Croft Fino, and sparkling water. The company describes it as the “British version” of Andalusia’s rebujito. It is a pale yellow color with small bubbles and a persistent mousse and has a clean, fresh nose. It’s best enjoyed cold with a twist of lemon peel, a sprig of basil, and ice.

Croft Twist has doubled his distribution figures, according to the company, and stands as the most popular in Amazon in Spain when it comes to sparkling drinks. It can be found in United Kingdom, Israel and Switzerland, among other countries.