Edinburgh, Scotland

Lind & Lime - Sherry, Whisky, and Spanish Delights

Lind & Lime Gin Distillery is proud to showcase Port of Leith's two exquisite sherry wines produced by Bodegas Barón, alongside a handpicked selection of other wines. Enjoy a guided tasting experience led by a local Galician Born Chef, who will introduce you to the art of Spanish Tortilla.

Guests will also be introduced to three whiskies aged using different sherry wines (Fino, Oloroso, and PX) to create a delightful fusion of Spain and Scotland. To top off the evening, you can take advantage of a special 10% discount on shop products, including the Sherry Wines, sherry truffle chocolates, and charcuterie. It's an event you won't want to miss at Lind & Lime Gin Distillery.

Event information


October 08 2023




Lind & Lime Gin Distillery (off-trade)
11/3 Learmonth Terrace Edinburgh EH41PG
Edinburgh, Scotland
United Kingdom