Sep 07 2023

Spain FoodTech Nation at Food Matters Live website

Food Matters Live, one of the leading communities exploring one of the most important challenges of our time: the relationship between food, health and nutrition, has published several articles on the progress that Spain is making in terms of sustainability and food innovation.

Furthermore, it has introduced its latest publication, The Sustainable Food Digest. This paper delves into the multifaceted sustainability challenges confronting the food industry. It also spotlights on the individuals, organizations, and cutting-edge technologies driving a profound green revolution. Noteworthy within these contents is an entire section dedicated to the profound influence Spain (page 47) wields in the sphere of food innovation, serving as both a powerful exemplar and an inspiring force.

Spain holds a significant position within the global agricultural market. It proudly claims the title of the leading exporter of olive oil, contributing a substantial 60% to the EU's production and 45% to the worldwide supply. Additionally, Spain secures the third spot on a global scale for its fruit, vegetable, and wine production. Notably, its exports reached 14.7 million tonnes in 2021. This achievement nearly rivals the historical peak established in 2019, with a valuation surpassing €17.6 million.

While the global food and beverage industry confronts an array of sustainable challenges, Spain is actively addressing them. The Spanish culinary and beverage sector has evolved into a technologically sophisticated agrifood powerhouse. For centuries, the world has enjoyed the benefits of Spain's recipes, techniques, and food products. Yet, today, there lies an exciting opportunity to delve into the sustainable advancements unfolding each day.