ICEX will be bringing 11 of Spain’s leading innovators to the Sustainable Food Forum to showcase the problems and solutions they are working on to progress Spain’s sustainability methods.

About the event

Spain not only stands as a prominent player in the global agricultural landscape but has also emerged as a powerhouse in the field of agricultural technology.

As of 2022, the Spanish foodtech sector has seen a remarkable surge in investment, reaching an impressive €268 million. 

This represents a substantial 9.38% growth within just a year, as revealed by the latest report from ICEX Spain Trade and Investment

The sector is currently thriving, showcasing Spain's prowess in innovation. From groundbreaking advancements such as 3D-printed meats, to cutting-edge nanotechnology applications, Spain is leading the way in providing inventive solutions to address some of the most pressing challenges within the agricultural industry.

How might these innovations influence the broader food industry on a global scale? And how can Spanish ingenuity contribute to sustainability efforts, crucial in today's world?



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